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This 45-minute Guided Mindfulness Meditation Practice is designed to be part of an on-going Mindfulness training, which will help you to cultivate and deepen your awareness of being present in the now, stepping out of “doing” mode and entering into the world of “non-doing” or “being”. It will encourage greater focus, clarity and creativity and more emotional resilience to daily stressors or difficult situations.

“Total Relaxation” is designed to create deeply calming and tranquil states, whenever you listen to it. It can be used at the end of each day, or whenever you have the chance to unwind, and will help you to reach a natural state of deep relaxation. Each time you listen, it will become easier to relax and leave your worries, tension, frustration and stress behind.

This programme is designed to be listened to at bedtime, to aid restful sleep. It can also be used should you awaken in the middle of the night and find it difficult to drop back to sleep. The gentle, hypnotic suggestions will easily allow you to drift effortlessly into a peaceful and restful sleep. It is important to note however, that should you need to awaken for any reason at all, you will awaken easily and be fully alert.


Transforming Stress to Success is a journey which will transform many areas of your life; from productivity and motivation at work, to improved interpersonal relationships and a greater appreciation of the small wonders of the world around you. You will learn how to transform high stress energy into clarity, resourcefulness and peak performance. And equally, you will learn how to access states of calmness and relaxation, through using Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.

There is something in this book for absolutely everyone: From lifestyle and well being tips to personality typing; from connecting with the rhythms of your own heart, to solving conflicts at work. This handbook is packed full of strategies and exercises to try and will take you on a life changing voyage of discovery, as you learn to transform stress into success.


Whether you are an HR professional, part of a management team, a corporate executive or business owner, this book will transform the way you think about employee engagement and organisational performance. Even more importantly, it provides you with the tools and strategies that you can use to immediately engage your workforce and to create a successful endeavour leading directly to increased performance, productivity and profit.




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